Are you ready to invest in yourself?


YASSSS! If you're here that means you are ready to kick your passion in the butt and start making money moves to being the best photographer you can be! You want to attract your ideal client, earn a great income, become creative & playful with your sessions (get it gurl - let that inner weirdo come out).


I've been photographing for over 8 years and let me just say, I have seen it all, I have tried it all (cue questionable posing and weird editing). I'm so stoked to give you all the tips and tricks I have developed over the years. No topic is off limits, no question is too silly. Lets chat time management and workflow, editing styles, preset actions, and emotive documenting. 


Ideally you have a camera and have been photographing for at least a year. You are interested in pursuing this as your full time career. You want to find your own voice, get more creative with your shoots, and start booking clients that speak to your brand.

While sessions are always customized to your needs,
I offer three separate mini-shops to fit your needs!
*payment plans available*


One on One - $750
mini workshop

guided and styled couples session (bouquet supplied)
1 hour lightroom session
website/ portfolio review
2 PORTRAITS OF YOU TO USe on website/social media

*Coffee & Snacks Supplied*

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Lets get down to Business - $450
1 hour in studio chat
1 hour lightroom session
2 studio portraits of you to use on website/social media



The Nitty Gritty - $200
1 hour in person or skype/facetime chat


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