Mentor Sessions

Being in this amazing industry for over 8 years, we have seen it all! We've tried out all the fads, and have worked through the "WHOOPS" moments. We want to pass along all the information we have gathered to you, through trial and tribulations. the tips and tricks we have stuffed in our back pockets will be available for you to try out and use in your own practice. Each Mentor session is completely custom to you and what you are looking to excel at. Our Ideal attendee has 1-3 years of part time photographing under their belt, and is interested in becoming more serious or pursuing photography as their full time career. Lets chat business practices, Editing styles, preset actions, and emotive documenting. 

Community over Competition


Cabin Fever Retreat

Cabin Fever Retreat is a Canadian photography workshop and retreat focused on exploring, growing together, creating incredible images for your portfolio and leaving you inspired. April 16-19th, we're heading to the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada, where we're all going to bunk in a cabin on the water, listen to inspiring instructors, head up the mountain and boat over to a sandy island for out-of-this world styled shoots, and finish off each night with connecting around campfires, board games and laughing until our cheeks hurt.

We are sold out for our Spring Retreat but will releasing Fall dates very soon!