Sayulita, Mexico Surprise Engagement Session

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So to give you a bit of a back story on Perry and Olivia, they actually met down in Mexico, Olivia was on vacation and living in Texas, while Perry was living in Mexico for a few months, skate boarding and touring around the beautiful country.

After hanging out in Mexico together, they long distance dated (Perry was back in Vancouver, and Olivia was still living in Texas). Finally a few years later, Olivia made the journey up to Vancouver to go to School and live with Perry (heart melt). Olivia integrated into our friend circle so easily and effortlessly, sorry Perry, but we love her a bit more hehe! These two have become such amazing friends to me, and have such big and giving hearts. They truly are made for one another, both compliment one another so epicly!

Fast forward a bit - Perry, Olivia and along with 13 of our close friends and I were heading down to Sayulita, Mexico to Skate, surf, and soak up some sun. Before we left, back in October, Perry and Olivia hosted a friendsgiving dinner at their house. Perry and I were chatting about how amazing it would be if he proposed to Olivia on the beach when we were there. A month or so before our trip, I mentioned that to Perry to which he replied “funny you should mention that again. Im gonna need your help to plan”. If you know me, you can literally hear my squeel with anticipation as I AM FRICKEN PUMPED to make the sneaky plan work out.

The day came, and I was sweating the whole time (and it wasn’t because of the sun). Finally, the sun dipped enough, and I got them into some nice clothes and told them to bring their drinks, and lets go play! After 30ish minutes, I got them to their final destination - this gorgeous rock cutting into crashing waves. As I set up my shot, I asked Olivia to look out to the sunset, when Perry dropped to one knee. To be honest, I get so emotional reliving this moment. These two mean so much to me, and I was there to document her reaction, his happy tears, their big embrace.

Perry and Olivia, I am truly indebted to you. Your love, your generosity is so far past anything I have come across. I hope when ever times get tough, when money gets tight, when school becomes stressful you will look back at these photographs and remember that this world may be cruel sometimes, but you two have one another. And that IS A BIG deal.