Rena and Lucas Vow Recommitment

Lynn Valley, British Columbia

I have known Lucas for almost 10 years, through the scene of live music and a past relationship. Lucas used to be the front man in a band that most Vancouver scene kid was obsessed with (Hello The Februarys).

Several years later, he met Rena at a Church Barbecue and a year later they were engaged, married, then a baby on the way. Rena and Lucas, parents to two ADORABLE kiddos ( Casper and Navy), have been married for 5 years now. So a vow renewal? Why so soon?

I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and stumbled across a gorgeous photo of Rena and Lucas, with the following caption -

Hitting a few bumps in the road of marriage over the last week has weirdly brought us closer. Over the 4 years of our marriage we had slowly and unknowingly drifted from lovers, to companions, to ... parents; supporting each other in our roles of Mom and Dad but forgetting how to nurture this incredibly vital element being our love. And I’m sharing this because I’m guessing we’re not alone in this. This is the reality of marriage. But the thought of losing this and losing him has been the wake up call we needed. I love you more than ever Lucas... and at the risk of sounding trite, there truly is no one I would rather navigate the ripples of marriage with than you. Now and always 🖤 #thisisus

Although I am not married (not even close, but I'll save that for another post LOL), I totally understood their message. Lets be honest, a supportive and happy relationship takes work but bringing two amazing kiddos into the mix must really take away the certain love people grow accustomed to. When you put your family first, sometimes you lose the most crucial thing that binds you together as lovers. 

When I read her caption, every inch of my soul cried out to them. It was such an honest and sincere post (among the rest of the "best vacation ever" and bridal inspiration posts we are all so familiar with) , I didn't originally know how to process it. Following Rena on social media for so long, I felt like I was right there, riding their wave, seeing her heart flood my feed. I knew Amanda and I had to do something for them.

I reached out to Rena asking her if she and Lucas would ever be interested in a session thats just for them. A chance to wear their wedding clothes again, write a letter to one another, commit themselves in a different facet, and explore Lynn Canyon with us. like 10 seconds later, Rena wrote back "YES".

Being the OCD queens that we are, Amanda and I got to work to plan them an incredible Vow Renewal they'd likely not forget. Amanda and I approached Shayla of Rose Quartz Makeup to doll Rena up. Shayla gave Rena a beautiful makeover, highlighting her already BEAUTIFUL features. 

Because this was their vow renewal, we asked Rena how she wanted to be represented, given she was wearing her wedding gown again (beautifully designed and sewed by her close friend). She wanted a style that represented her more, so we sourced her a wide brimmed hat from Brixton and a gorgeous Vegan Leather jacket made locally by Born a Bad Seed

The day came, and Rena met me at my studio to get her makeup done. Although they were already married, I couldn't help but see her nervousness and excitement, like what you'd see in a bride getting ready to marry her love. 

Amanda and I drove to Lynn Canyon to meet Lucas and Rena. Carpet and an incredible bouquet in tow, we walked over a suspension bridge, trudged through the thick forest (still with snow in places) to find a perfect spot for them to read their letters. Lucas and Rena met us there with a six pack of cider and huge smiles on their faces.

Lucas being the natural class clown, was laughing and goofing off through his portrait session. Telling us hilarious stories about Rena, you could tell initially Lucas was just there to support Rena's decision to do this session. Once we got Lucas and Rena in place, Lucas began to read his letter. Through tear stained cheeks, laughs turned into to hand holds and Lucas' love language developed before us. 

When we first said our vows, I told you that you are my proof of Gods grace in my life. Today I can say without hesitation that has become truer each day. The two beautiful children you have given me are never ending reminders of our marriage - exciting, joyful, and precious - while being difficult and patience-testing. But always better than I would imagine.

They vowed to love one another in a different light, and after a few hugs and smooches; Rena and Lucas transformed, again, into the newlyweds they once were. For a few hours they were able to forget about their world at home. Focusing only on themselves, they let go of the tribulations of life. The rest of the session was so carefree and really was the definition of love.

This is why Amanda and I got into this industry - we get to meet (or in this case re-meet) people who are so connected, intertwined and webbed into one unit. We are so happy to have been there to document their union and their recommitment to one another. These two will be forever goals, and we just love them so much.

Forever fan girling over you two -
Victoria and Amanda