Wild Hearts Collective is founded by two sisters that believe the road less travelled makes all the difference.


Victoria Black / Co-Founder + principal Photographer                          {Victoria Black Takes Photos} 

Growing up on the West (wet) Coast, Victoria is at home when she is surrounded by the crisp air and forests that line her city. As much as She encourages rain jackets, Gum Boots, hiking cliffs and standing in streams to capture your adventurous tale; Victoria knows no two great love stories are the same. Victoria understands the intimacy that develops on the couch or while making your partner breakfast in the morning. We want to know you, all of you, in the most honest way possible.  She documents the beauty 'in-between' moments, from the everyday to the extraordinary. 

Victoria's work isn’t about setting up the perfect posed shot – it’s about being there to catch the moments - the sincere adventurous occasions that can’t be staged. She wants to tell your story - She goes deeper, and shines a light on the heart and soul of the Saga that is your life.

Things Victoria can't live without: Coffee, Rain, Forest walks, Crime Documentaries, The simpsons, Tequila, French Fries, and her Cat Rufus. 

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Amanda Creelman / Co-Founder + principal Flower Designer              {Green leaf Floral Design}

 After a few years of learning the basics from flower workshops, Amanda realized playing with blossoms and creating arrangements was her passion. Since then Amanda has produced amazing work for Weddings, Flower arrangements for Restaurants, and works on Floral Farms in the summer months.

You can usually find Amanda exploring Vancouver's back yard for floral inspiration. She hopes to grow her very own blooms, to use in very special arrangements. 

Amanda's knowledge is vast and her creativity is endless. Her work breathes whimsical and natural with a fresh vibe. From exquisite bridal bouquets, floral crowns, or just a lush arrangement for your dining table; Amanda carefully selects and checks each stem for quality and freshness, for the best result possible.

Things Amanda can't live without: Starbucks, flowers on her dining table, her hubby, and a fresh pedicure.


Michelle Hodgson / Associate Florist {Blossom and Vine Floral Co.}

A life-long lover of art and interior design, michelle has always had an appreciation for the beautiful. her love of floral design stemmed (ha!) from this place. What started out of a desire to deconstruct stuffy grocery store bouquets and let natures bounty shine, turned into a hobby and then a passion. Flowers have the ability to stop michelle in her tracks and calm her busy mind. Michelle feels so lucky to be able to use them as her medium. A life-long west coast resident, she now reside in New Westminster, BC.

Things michelle can't live without: her shop on Main street, Netflix, antique shopping, trying to get her cat to exercise, and listening to music (her other great love - sorry to her husband!)



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Britt Menze / Associate Photographer {Menze Visuals}

Britt grew up in the burbs forty-five minutes from the beautiful Vancouver core, went to public school, played any sport she could and ran around barefoot the majority of her life (and still does). She built forts in the woods with her best friend, made up secret languages, wrote stories, scraped her knees a lot and ate peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches - with the crust. 

Her love for the wild had Britt volunteering at the Vancouver Marine Mammal Rescue for her work experience, grade twelve year. Britt thought she would of continued school to become a marine biologist, but life chose to take a different path. All the years she spent secretly staying up at night, reading National Geographic grabbed her soul. Adventure was embedded in her heart and when Grad Ceremonies came she was ready to take on the world. Photojournalism and traveling became a passion, and now she shares this with her sweet daughter and the world.

Brittany can't live without: Her sweet darling daughter & family (that includes her pup Tullie), incredible friends (new & old), road trips, dancing in the moonlight, spontaneous travels and nature. 


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Rachael Pope / Associate Photographer {RCPOPE}

Rachael looks for the unexpected and intimate. The small but meaningful moments that we have with each other and our surroundings. A keen observer consumed by the moment she is in, important details don’t escape her eye. She focuses that fascination and wonder on her subjects and the places they take her. No surprise is missed.

Holding a BA in Photography from Emily Carr, she is capable of capturing a wide variety of subjects and styles. She love buildings, their histories and the intricate relationships people have with them. Her work often features this connection. But she particularly loves how wedding photography allows for the opportunity to tell the visual story of two people's’ relationship with each other and their environment.

Rachael can't live without:  Her boyfriend Ryan, very supportive friends, her iPhone, Tea, a good Art book, The Library, Apartment Therapy, Evo Carshare, Thrifting