We are sisters, best friends
& We are the wild hearts


Victoria is the youngest sister - she is your wild and emotion based photographer. GET READY TO LAUGH And bring some chapstick, cause you're gonna smooch a whole lot. She'll get you to sNUGGLe UP close for those intimate moments, as well as work her double exposure powers for some epic photos. VICTORIA EVOKEs the spirit inside and brings out the passion. BY GETTING COMFORTABLE AND CONNECTED, NEVER WORRY again ABOUT POSING cheesy DURING a session.

Amanda is the oldest sister - she is your principal Florist for all the romantic hearts. she creates untamed garden style arrangements - often using lush Florals mixed with foraged greenery. her bouquets resemble what you may find growing behind your childhood house - but with a curated twist. INCORPORATing HAND DYED SILK AND VELVET RIBBONS INTO her ARRANGEMENTS, SHE KEEPS YOUR WEDDING PALETTE IN MIND TO CREATE A COHESIVEly beautiful LOOK.

We're often described as moody, silly, vibrant and emotive. Our work-ethic is the same. we put our hearts into everything. We have created out business in such a way, that when we are hired separately we're awesome; when hired together - we make serious magic.

Stay wild,
Amanda and Victoria


Meet the Rest of Wild Hearts Collective

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Michelle Hodgson / Associate Florist  
{Blossom And Vine Floral Co}
A life-long lover of art and interior design, michelle has always had an appreciation for the beautiful. her love of floral design stemmed (ha!) from this place. What started out of a desire to deconstruct stuffy grocery store bouquets and let natures bounty shine, turned into a hobby and then a passion. Flowers have the ability to stop michelle in her tracks and calm her busy mind. Michelle feels so lucky to be able to use them as her medium. A life-long west coast resident, she now reside in New Westminster, BC.

michelle can't live without: her shop on Main street, Netflix, antique shopping, trying to get her cat to exercise, and listening to music (her other great love - sorry to her husband!)

Britt Menze / Associate Photographer
{Menze Visuals}
Britt grew up in the burbs forty-five minutes from the beautiful Vancouver core, played any sport she could and ran around barefoot the majority of her life (and still does). She built forts in the woods with her best friend, made up secret languages, wrote stories, scraped her knees a lot and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - with the crust. 

Adventure was embedded in her heart and when Grad Ceremonies came she was ready to take on the world. Photojournalism and traveling became a passion, and now she shares this with her sweet daughter and the world.

Brittany can't live without: Her sweet darling daughter, incredible friends, road trips, dancing in the moonlight, spontaneous travels and nature. 

Rachael Pope / Associate Photographer

Rachael looks for the unexpected and intimate. The small but meaningful moments that we have with each other and our surroundings.A keen observer consumed by the moment she is in, important details don’t escape her eye. She focuses that fascination and wonder on her subjects and the places they take her. No surprise is missed.

Holding a B.A. in Photography from Emily Carr, she is capable of capturing a wide variety of subjects and styles. she loves how wedding photography allows for the opportunity to tell the visual story of two people's’ relationship with each other and their environment.

Rachael can't live without:  Her boyfriend Ryan, very supportive friends, her iPhone, Tea, a good Art book, The Library, Apartment Therapy, Evo Carshare, Thrifting