Our approach is simple, our outlook is big.


We are sisters, best friends, and co creators of Wild Hearts Collective.

Victoria is the youngest sister - she is your wild photographer. She focuses purely on genuine emotion with a twist of fine art mixed in for a real eye grabbing image. 

Amanda is the oldest sister - she is your Florist for all the romantic hearts. she creates untamed garden style arrangements - often using lush Florals mixed with foraged greenery. her bouquets resemble what you may find growing behind your families barn - but with a curated twist.

Wild Hearts Collective was created with the idea in mind that you should never settle for ordinary. We want you to acquire the expertise of hiring Art driven people, all the while seeing things in a raw and natural light. Hire professionals that you can fully trust will create an amazing result - from our first meeting to our delivery.

Our work-ethic is the same. we put our hearts into everything. We have curated ourselves in such a way that when we are hired separately, we're awesome. when hired together - we make serious magic.

Our logo features Minerals because we see our brand to be wild, raw, and naturally beautiful. 

Available anywhere your heart takes you, we are the wild hearts


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