Stanley Park Elopement

Pamela & Ian's Stanley Park Elopement


Wild Hearts Collective work exclusively with Pop Up Weddings BC, for Adventurous one stop shop style Elopements and Intimate Weddings. Holly of Pop Up Weddings connected with us for an elopement she booked in Stanley Park. I was so excited to hang out in the forest for an afternoon while Photographing two people gettin' hitched!

What I didn't realize was how incredibly down to Earth and kind the clients were. Pamela and Ian had a pretty great first meeting. They met in a bar, to quote Ian, "I knew I had to get her number". After some light pestering, Pamela finally gave him her Facebook contact - several years later (and an adorable toddler named Hendricks), they were about to tie the knot in one of my favourite locations in the world. 

Their ceremony was so short and oh so sweet, adorned with a beautiful Archway owned by Past Pieces (our fav styling company & also apart of the Artists of Wild Hearts); Amanda created a gorgeously coloured arrangement wrapped with soft silk ribbons - which gave it a very Whimsical appeal! I was obsessed with the very natural styling of this Elopement, as the trees were really the main detail (besides the beautiful couple of course)! 

Pamela and Ian were surrounded by their closest family and friends, it was such an intimate (and hilarious - those groomsmen I tell ya) afternoon. Almost immediately I was brought into the group, with open arms - and shots of Fireball!

Thank you to Pamela and Ian, and Pop Up Weddings, for including me on this very special day!





Spanish Banks Engagement

Dan & Suzanne Spanish Banks Engagement


Suzanne contacted us only a few days after we launched our Website - she was newly Engaged and was interested in a few of our services. After chatting for a few minutes over the phone, I quickly felt like we've been long time friends. that type of Connection is so important to us - which is why it feels so good when we meet clients who are on the same page.

meeting at a music festival, suzanne and dan fell pretty quick for one another.. which totally makes sense when you hang out with them for the evening! They are both their own bosses, suzanne a Holistic wellness practitioner and dan a travelling comedian. suzanne and dan are planning a wedding that represents them so perfectly. I can't wait to photograph all the details during their wedding in september. i know its going to be naturally beautiful with some hilarious moments during the reception! 

take a peek at their recent Engagement session at Spanish banks - a place that is very special to them!




Sea to Sky Elopement

Ivy and Aabid's Sea to Sky Elopement

Iveandaabidelopement-20170710 (192 of 266).jpg

An adventurous commute, breathtaking views and a ceremony that brought everyone to tears is exactly what Intimate Weddings with Wild Hearts Collective and Pop Up Weddings is all about!

When Holly of Pop Up Weddings asked Amanda and I if we were available for Flowers and Photography for a Sea to Sky wedding, we danced/booty shook (LOL!) with excitement thinking about all the possibilities of this Elopement. With little photo inspiration from Ivy for her bouquet, Amanda , inspired by the Sea to Sky Views, went to work with all locally sourced foliage and flowers. To ensure the integrity of the blooms, Amanda hand picked each stem from Flowers from a Country Garden (a local Flower Farm in the lower mainland). Amanda was clearly stoked about the outcome, as she made sure to mention "Take a million photos of that arrangement!" 

Having not met the couple previously, and with minimal email interaction, I was really excited to meet the couple who booked such a wild Elopement. With the arrangement in hand I waited patiently outside the Gondola for Ivy to arrive. So there I am nervous as hell, not knowing who I was about to spend my afternoon with/take Photos of; when I saw what looked to be a bride sitting in a white car. I made my way over to introduce myself and show her Amanda's arrangement. Ivy was sitting in the back seat being fanned by her friend, keeping her cool on the super hot mid July day.

Off we went, riding up the side of the Mountain with the Bride, her father and brother. When I looked down at her bouquet I noticed she was clutching the base with a Rosary wrapped around her hand. As we made eye contact she mentioned that her mom is no longer here but the Rosary was hers, so she wanted it with her. 5 minutes into meeting Ivy, and I am already weeping along with her family. 

Ivy and Aabid were high school sweet hearts who have been friends and lovers for over 18 years. Amidst the gorgeous mountains, Aabid and Ivy said their vows to one another. Pulling at our heart strings, their 12 guests sat around them crying and laughing as they made their way through their "I do's". Working in this industry, I thought I had met a types of love (quiet, loud, brand new, old flames), but Ivy and Aabid were something else. The way they look at each other is all of those emotions wrapped together. 

They mentioned they've never had their photo professionally taken, I was next level stoked to create some images that they would fall in love with.  Photographing clients like Ivy and Aabid make working in this crazy and busy industry so fricken worth it. I am so happy to have been able to witness their wedding, and so happy to have documented their love. 




Iveandaabidelopement-20170710 (209 of 266).jpg