New York Anniversary

Jay + Isabel celebrate 5 years of Marriage!



Months ago i found a seat sale to New York from vancouver for hella cheap so i decided to take a mid season vacation! I had never been to NY before, but was so excited to walk around and photograph another world! luckily i have a couple of ig friends who live in ny; who happened to be celebrating their anniversary right before I got to town! we agreed to a couples session while i was there, i was so stoked to see the city through their eyes! We ended up starting the day shooting in front of justin timberlake's restaurant, then walked through the highline (a park created on an old subway train track)!! 

the views were incredible, but isabel and Jay. oh boy - they were literally the icing on the cake! Just the sweetest couple, who fell in love when isabel was just 18! fast forward 17 years later to their 5th year of marriage! theres a certain magic that comes with photographing a couple that has been together for as long as they have! it's as if they can look at each other and know exactly what they're thinking, its pretty amazing. i was pretty giddy taking pictures of them, i mean not only are they G o r g e o u s, but they were so ACCOMMODATING, INTELLIGENT and hilarious! We laughed all day long, and the result was beauty photos! Take a look at the highlights below!