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We are purveyors of love; Whatever that love looks like to you.

star gazing and day dreaming of where our lives will go. holding tight for just a few moments longer, and slow dancing to our favourite song in the living room. Tippy toes to the kitchen to make coffee before you wake. Gut wrenching laughs and moments of reflection. You are a risk taker, they are a memory maker. Together you are wild and free. We're here for those milestone moments.
Come as you are and express your love openly, without worry or judgment. We are a safe space for everyone especially LGBTQ+ folks. 
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We’re Victoria & Amanda - A Photo & Floral team based out of Vancouver, BC. We’re sisters (guess who’s older) who were born near the mountains and raised next to the sea. We’re Loud laughers, deep feelers, and best of friends.

Growing up beside on the North Shore, we explored the forests and rivers after school. Our family vacations were always centred around camping; Swimming in the lake, campfire stories and late night laugh attacks in our tents.

We started this journey together in 2016. While we were both doing our own thing in the industry, we found our purpose in small and intimate weddings, where Florals would make up most of the decoration and Photography would tell the full story.


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