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Amanda | The Calm Sister | Florist

I am a Boutique florist for the people who like a wild lush florals. I create for the lovers; for the people who want to be surrounded with beauty on their day. I want you to not only feel excited about my work, but to feel an immense connection to it. There is no one else on this Earth like you, which is exactly how I create my arrangements. Each individual stem is hand picked with your style in mind.

Victoria | The Loud Sister | Photographer

I am an Intimate Wedding Photographer, epicly stoked about Adventuring high and low, near and far. I live for the people who really know themselves - the ones who never apologize for who they are. Exploring a jungle or adventuring through a city, it makes no difference to me - You’ll see a big ol’ smile across my face. I document for the memory makers; The people who are busy living their lives together. I roll with the rule breakers; Those who don’t adhere to the regular traditions - The folks that carve out their own path.

Together | The bigger picture

We love any reason to bring people together; Dinner parties, lunch dates, and/or movie marathons (wassup to crime documentaries and the big question of who killed Biggy and Tupac). The way to both of our hearts is a good glass of wine and a laugh attack. Our family and our friends are our bond that hold us together. We surround ourselves with our VIP’s as much as possible!



Meet the Collective




Punk Rock listening, Antique Road show watching, East Van Florist creating alongside Amanda for any Installation.




Barefoot wandering, untamed hair living, authentically capturing Photographer kicking ass with Victoria for most of the year.


Q & A



We just filled out your contact form, what’s next?


We are HELLA pumped to chat with you! Our office hours are 10-5PM Monday - Thursday. We like to get back to everyone within 1-2 business days; Though sometimes we are out of town exploring, creating, or working. If it’s urgent don’t hesitate to email us directly with subject “REPLY ASAP” to


Can we hire florals separately from photography? Do you have a package for both of your services?


Yep - We can be hired for your wedding together, or separately.. However when we are hired together we make serious magic! We have elopement collections that have a bouquet and boutonniere included! Ask about that in our consultation


Do you two travel outside of Vancouver for Wedding Photography/Florals?


HECK YES! We love to travel near and far for our jobs. Amanda has travelled internationally for a wedding we have worked together. Victoria takes on 10 out of Province weddings per year! We have a preferred travel location map - if your location is on it, we have a special offer for you!


How many photos will we receive, and how long does it take to get our wedding album back?


Totally depends on how many hours I am there for, if I have my assistant and what the timeline looks like. However, you can expect about 50 photos per hour.

We edit every single photo, and take pride in being very selective with what goes into your wedding album so you are left with only the very best. Elopement weddings can expect their albums in 10 weeks or less. All other weddings can expect their albums within 12 weeks of their date.


What do we need to do to book with you for either florals or Photos?


We will sit down for a coffee/beer/wine/whiskey and chat about your day. We’ll chat about what you envision your day looking like, and what our services are. If we’re a great fit, we’ll send you an Invoice and Agreement contract outlining the services for the day. You send us a 30% retainer to hold the date, and boom - You’re booked in baby!

After you fill out our detailed floral form, I will send you a custom quote based on your needs. Included in the quote, you’ll get a sample colour palette, a reference idea for your arrangement. If we are jammin’, you’ll come to a complimentary consult meet and greet (hello a glass of wine and chats about your floral dreams). You send us a 50% retainer to hold our services for your date! That’s it, that’s all!


What if I want a specific flower in my arrangement / installation / arch?


We work with local farms, and gain access to the most fresh and colourful blooms in the lower mainland. Because we buy from local farmers only, we are subject to what they have available. Stoked on Dahlias, but getting married in January? We most likely wont be able to get them, BUT we will be able to a GORGE alternative for you! When you book your consult we will go over all of this - and come prepared with your favourite florals and colour palettes!