Golden Ears Park Engagement Session


Oh, and baby I'm fist fighting with fire
Just to get close to you
Can we burn something, babe?
And I run for miles just to get a taste
Must be love on the brain
- Rihanna

Sitting across from me at my studio, we sipped a cold bevvie and chatted about how they met, where they’ve been together (they’ve travelled together for a year), and what their future looks like after their wedding.

I have more to say about these two when I finally share their wedding album, but what I can say now is these two have changed a lot for me. Their love for one another, is inspiring. These two have travelled through most of this planet, hand in hand laughing through all of the tribulations. If that is not couples goal’s I don’t know what is!

We decided on Golden Ears park for their Engagement session, which we’d end up frolicking through the water at Alouette Lake. The whole session was 100% more than I could have imagined. They trusted everything I suggested, laughed along with all my silly jokes, and empathized when the conversation went real. I appreciate these two and all that they have brought to the table. CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW THEIR WEDDING GALLERY - SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET A BUNCH MORE MAGICAL.

Much love,